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Another Style with a videobot voice over and captions – both videos are just simple samples of the many types Video Available.
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Give Your Business The Winning Edge – even in the current climate!

With The Brakes Off Lockdown, now is the time to gain an edge with your Virtual Tours, Open Houses, and Streaming Video

  • Discover Ways To Differentiates YOUR Business
  • Win More Appointment Opportunities
  • Explore Alternative Ways To Nurture, Educate and Convert Those Opportunities
  • Attract More Sellers
  • Boost Your Listing Viewings
  • Sell More Of The Property On Your Books
  • Pull In More More Referrals
  • Ease Along Your Sales Progression
  • Grow Your Margin and Profits
  • Spread The Word – Which Makes Your Brand More Valuable

And at PropertyVideoTV we specialise in ONE market – YOURS!

See “Samples” for the full version

Give your business an EDGE over your competition, an edge that boosts results by using the HUGE SALES POWER of Video and Content targeted at your local market.

A single edge can help grow your business, but add multiple, tiny “edges” to your business and you can gain exponential results. Generate higher interest in what you do, showcases your properties and services in a variety of engaging ways to boost leads and sales. You can apply those same techniques to showcase your staff, your offices, your expertise, and services.

For you, if you are in Residential, Commercial, Mortgages, Surveying, Removals, Relocation.

At Property Video TV we use Video, content, collaboration, and communication tools in ways that make your target audience notice you more and be more responsive to your sales messages – which gets you more leads – which equals more sales, more appointments, and greater profits.

The results it can have on your business can be explosive! Even in today’s difficult CoVid19 climate.

Our video styles, digital and social media marketing is aimed at using video across all sorts of channels to boost your business, with options tailored to suit: no matter where you are with your growth, size, business age or your cashflow!

  • professional TV presenter style property tours
  • video case studies
  • video testimonials
  • streaming options for “Live” Open Houses
  • internal educational and training videos
  • video email campaigns
  • appointment or valuation getters
  • service videos
  • local market intelligence briefings for customers
  • for webinars or online presentations
  • “Coming Soon” property video
  • Open day pre-launch video
  • White Papers
  • Video and Written Case Studies
  • Sold on Your Street video
  • Seasonal Promotion Videos
  • “Catalogue” videos of your listings
  • Missed appointment re-engagement video
  • Appointment confirmation video and auto appointment setting
  • and much, much more….

Get more noticed on Bing, Yahoo, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.


  • saves you and your business time and expense in getting either your business or your properties noticed
  • saves you time and money as you deal with better informed, better qualified, self-selecting choosers of your services or highly motivated buyers for specific properties.

So, why not boost your results now and take advantage of the property and video marketing experience of Property Video TV.


And don’t forget, we specialise in one market – Yours!