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CoVid Busters

12 Quick Ways To Nullify CoVid…

A really quick read with twelve quick things you can check you are doing to beat the effects of CoVid on your business. Review the twelve points below and if anything you have on that list needs boosting – get in touch.

1. Check you have an up to date GMB [Google My Business] Profile, or take advantage of our Google Dominator package. We can do the same for your Facebook listings, Bing, Yahoo all the best online directories for your area

2. Audit your website for clear calls to action for site visitors. Make sure you have a great “lead magnet”- your SEO is all up to date and your pages make it abundantly clear to your site visitors what to do next. Or, we can show you where it needs work, show you how to do it yourself, or we can help.

3. Set Up New Email marketing campaigns and more – online and offline follow up sequences boost results. Need help with yours?

4. Apply Online Ordering Systems, Online Video Streaming Systems. Help with Open Houses, Exhibitions and more.

5. Run or Optimise Your FB Ads. FB ads in general or messenger bots, or PPC with Google with our Adwords, we can help.

6. Magnify your reputation in lockdown: Reputation Management, Reputation Building, and Reputation Marketing during the crisis. Reputation, Reputation, Reputation, like Location, location location – means everything to your market.

7. Video Creation, Marketing, and Distribution. Get tailored explainer videos on sales progression, getting a mortgage, using surveying services, lettings and more…we help you get the message out in engaging ways.

8. Adopt and use QR Codes, Push Notifications – they work but are you using them?

9. LOCAL SEO and Mobile; mobile is where 65%+ of your market place is looking for you. Are you mobile responsive. Are you using SMS marketing?

10. Social Media Marketing Optimisation & Syndication services. Are you producing enough content and getting it out to all the main channels frequently enough? We can provide and plan out your SMM content and publication for you if not.

11. When was the last time you had a REALLY good look at your sales collateral – on and offline, and listened to what your staff are saying to clients, prospects, and customers. The right words, in the right message to the right audience, in the right medium can explode results. How are you doing?

12. Using Chat Bot, Property Bots or Artificial Intelligence [AI] to give Tours of your business, answer service or complaint queries, 24/7/365? Chat Bots, Avatars, Artificial Intelligence Technology – are you applying them yet? See the PROPERTY BOTS page.

We have lots of ways to help — we can be your one-stop shop!

And bear in mind: a combination of tweaks, in all those areas, could have a positively exponential, explosive effect on your results. Combined they are greater than the sum of their parts!

  • Need a 2nd opinion on anything?
  • Feel like you are working in isolation?
  • Feeling overwhelmed?

Just get in touch – we are here to:

  • help you get what you need
  • support you
  • ease your stress and overwhelm and
  • boost results, and
  • help you regain your peace of mind.

Just give us a call to boost your business results and remove that overwhelm.

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