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New – PropertyBots

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We are delighted to announce the launch of our new PROPERTY BOTSTM to provide unique and engaging Property Tours.

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For early bird adopters of this CoVid busting solution, it is available as an exclusive office area deal – but only until end of July 2021. Secure your area now for just £1.64 a day*. Take advantage before your competition does!

The short video above outlines a new, effective, engaging way to save your business money and be different. Do your property tours, and answer viewers’ questions “on the fly” – even when you are closed!

See and hear what this solution is, what it does, how much they cost, and what pain points they resolve for you and your business.

Sample a snippet, and then secure a deep discount if you act now. This new service creates more engagement and more leads to physical viewings and sales for your business.

It combines 3 new technologies in one and puts your virtual viewings on Steroids.

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*Minimum commitment to purchase 1 video a month at just £49.99. [365/average #dayspcm [365/12=30.41] = £49.99/30.41= £1.64] BUT, if you subscribe before the end of the special offer you also get our SHOCK and AWE marketing package to promote your videos every month, worth over £255 a month [worth £3,060 for a year] and that comes absolutely FREE, but only if you act now.