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The Presenter Property Tour

Up to 3-20 minutes in length and like a short movie, this is for those who want to take their marketing & branding up a notch. This includes a Professional TV quality presenter, full editing, YouTube Channel and promotion, PR package, Moving Floorplans and captions etc. Usually contains background music, voiceover, intro and outro slides and some additional graphics work. Pricing is also based on location and size of property or development.

The Property Bots Property Tour

Property Bot tours are on their way – and when you couple them with Chat Bot technology too [the AI powered forms that ask and answer questions from your viewers] you can take stellar steps forward. So, will you take advantage of them so they can sell and promote your properties – for you, your business, and your clients – 24/7?

Just click the image above for an intro seminar and sample. Then, if you want this technology working for you and not your competitors, just let us know –

Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos do exactly what they say on the tin! They explain matters that are directly relevant to you and your business and cover things that get asked of you on a regular basis. So we have Explainer Videos that cover the most common areas. These can be “stock” videos that we brand for you or can be tailor made to say just what you want them to say and how you want them to say it. 

They cover:

  • Sales Progression and How It works
  • Lead Capture: “Looking To Sell Your Home” Videos/Need a Valuation
  • How To Move and Pack for your new home
  • How to prepare for Viewings
  • What to do before our floor plans and photography visit
  • How to Boost Your Homes Kerb Appeal
  • Buying a Home Off Plan
  • What do I need to do to get a Mortgage?
  • We also have seasonal content too.

They are all designed to save you time, deliver a consistent message, and improve engagement between you, your clients, prospects and buyers.

Seasonal Video Greeting Messages

From New Year, Easter, Mid Summers Day,  Business Birthday, to Christmas we have a complete range of “Seasonal Greeting Videos” for you to use in emails, FaceBook, Twitter, and more and all tailored to you and your business and the message you want to convey.  

Christmas Example, tailored to your needs – click to play. To order, see the Christmas Video Page:

To discover more just call 01735 016002 or request our email catalogue just email: now.

The Business and Office Tour

1] a “top and tailed” video using stock video footage, but edited and captioned to reflect your business at the beginning and end of the video with a suitable Call to Action (CTA) at the end of the video. That CTA can be directed to a ‘phone number, an email address, web site, specific landing page or “in office” pick up.

 2] A specifically “live shot” video. The ideal way to truly showcase your business where your office environment, systems, or surroundings, staff or image are one of your strongest selling points. Standard video is up to 5 minutes in length. This video will give your viewer a virtual tour of your business and usually contains background music, a voice over, introduction and outro slides and snippet interviews. Price quoted valid for those within 30 miles of Newbury or Andover. Further afield, or multi-branch videos, or longer duration by negotiation.

The Interview & Case Studies

Interview PictureFrom a 1:1 interview with the business owner, to interviews with vendors about their properties, to creating “authority” through white papers and interviews, we have a range of solutions to help.

For many businesses in the property sector the ethos and thrust of the business is driven by you the owner, or your branch management. This option is ideal for where you want your vendors, investors, landlords, tenants to get to know you and your business better on a personal level or for B2B promotions.

 Up to 5 mins in length [or longer], this video, with incisive questioning to really pull out the true advantages you and your business offer is designed to give your viewer some basic history on you or your business: why you do what you do and why you are better at it than your competition. Usually includes introduction & outro slides with light background music and voice over options.

Price valid for those within 30 miles of Newbury or Andover. Further afield/longer duration, or multi- branch videos by negotiation. Documentary style output is another option giving a 3rd party overview of you and your business, with professional narrator/spokesperson, captions, and calls to action.

For White Papers/Case Studies we also provide professional written papers and research as needed.

The Opening

DSC_3013 Opening a new branch or department, or announcing a takeover, is something to shout about. This option creates a superb promo video for you that can include “time lapse” of the refurbishments, the lead up to the opening, and used on Blogs, You Tube, your web site etc, to create excitement, anticipation and more.

Great PR value. Up to 5-20mins in length, this video will highlight your business from the point of view of your ownership, your staff, even suppliers that work for you who extoll your virtues. Usually contains 3-5 questions and 1 answer from each of a group or different perspectives of the opening. Usually contains introduction & outro slides with light background music. Valid for those within 30 miles of Andover or Newbury. Further afield, multi-location visits or longer duration videos by negotiation.

Customer Testimonials

Property is all about “people”. This option helps retain and build on the more personal relationship your business holds with your satisfied clients, vendors, buyers, investors and landlords or services customers. Typically up to 5 minutes in length – but can be longer – this video will highlight your business from the point of view of your best sales person: your happy customer!

 3-5 selected customers are usually asked 3-5 questions and 1 or more selected answers from each will be displayed in the video. Usually contains introduction & outro slides with light background music and with a voice over option. Valid for those within 30 miles of Newbury or Andover. Further afield, multi-location visits or longer duration videos by negotiation.

The Documentary


Up to 20 minutes in length and like a short movie, this is for those who want to take their local, regional or national presence and marketing & branding up a notch. Perhaps you want to get some time on the local TV channel? Or use it to create a special buzz, or have a year, a decade of business, or some other milestone to celebrate. Usually contain background music, voiceover, introduction and outro slides and some additional graphics work. Pricing is also based on location.

Development Overview

For DevelopersAs a developer, or an agent representing a developer, you know the importance of presentation, whether that be online or in your marketing suite or show home.

 We have a range of options specifically tailored to the needs of New Home Sellers.

We hope the above has given you a flavour of the options available to you?

We tailor what we do to reflect your needs, your budgets, your aims and your market place so, if you have a specific approach – not covered here – call us and let us know and lets discuss it.

Please note longer photo videos or live shot videos than those quoted here are price by negotiation. Dependent on choice each option can come with a complete PR, Social Media and promotions programme included.

Spokes Person/Animated/Whiteboard Videos.

These are stock footage videos, designed for the property market and tailored with your “logo intro’s” and “outro’s” and contact information. Some additional captioning can also be available. 

No matter where your business is today, whether struggling or super successful, in terms of size, growth, or branch coverage or how long you have been in business, we have budget options to suit.

Some general options are listed above and below but if you have a video style in mind and do not see it here, then just give us a call and we will see what we can do to help. Options range from Low Cost to Higher End Professional Presenter Led video and all points in between.

Low cost transitional videos using stills, and the options of captions, music, and/or voice overs [or without] or a combination:

Still From a Captioned, Transition Video For A Berkshire Developer

Professional, Presenter led house tours with full HD TV quality production, scripting, editing and creation and of variable lengths, dependent on your needs, budgets and aims or pur brand new PropertyBots Tours [See the PropertyBots Page]…

A Still Captured From a Promo TV Presenter Led House, Room and Floor Plan Tour For a Private Client

  • There is also the option for Home Owner and Agent led house tours
  • “In House” Training Videos, created with you, from systems and Software training, to Sales training, Health & Safety, Personal Safety, Negotiation, Sales Progression etc
  • PropertVideoTVSkyView with breathtaking aerial photography of sites or properties and locations and intercut with “on the ground” footage,
  • Spokesperson, Corporate Promo videos, animated promo video, or bespoke, documentary styles that promote the different services of your business.
  • And all video, once published, can be available to your audiences 24/7/365.

Whether you want a low cost “Indie” budget production or a “Hollywood blockbuster” we have the skills, knowledge, experience, technology and know how to create just the video for the purpose and results you intend.

What’s more, we know how to get it distributed to the right channels and get you great exposure for your business with Social Media.

Whether you are a smaller independent, a multi-branch regional, or national player, we have solutions to meet all your needs

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