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Reputation Marketing

Being in an internet world means your reputation is open for abuse – as well as praise  – amongst today’s buyers, sellers and “trollers”.

One bad review can ruin years of your hard work, dedication, sweat and toil...

To combat that you need to do more than just manage your reputation.

Why? Because managing your reputation is just ONE element of the three-tiered approach you need to protect your reputation in today’s market. Your need to manage it, build it then market it.

Maintaining your market’s trust is key and to do that the latest research suggests you need a minimum of 6-10 5 STAR reviews on your web pages!

That is the entry-level for today’s buyers and sellers to feel they can trust your business. Get a FREE report on how you can build a stellar, 5 STAR Reputation.

Click the image for FREE in depth report on how to manage, build and market your reputation.

Once you have read the free in-depth report on how to grow and maintain that trust you need to protect and grow your business – and to do that you need to protect and grow your reputation:

1] you need to manage your reputation

2] you need to build on your reputation and

3] you need to market your reputation.

Reputation Management and Brand Marketing are no longer separate. This means the standard approach to “Reputation Management” is now totally obsolete.

Managing, protecting and marketing your reputation can also save you £000’s of wasted marketing spend.

We are sure you are approached by loads of businesses daily, promising you marked improvements in SEO, Social media, PPC, Email, SMS, Directories and more.

Laudable as they all are, they are all totally worthless spend if your on and offline Reputation is poor.

In the past looking after your web site would have been #1. Now it’s all about YOUR REPUTATION!

If you want to discover how PropertyVideoTV can help you gain a 5 STAR reputation to protect, manage and grow your business to totally dominate your market place, just let us know.

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