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Resources Page

If you need additional tools or services for your business you may find the links below helpful. Any questions, just call us or send us an email at

OnPage Chat Bots & Avatars

We are sure you have heard of chat bots and how they can reduce your costs of sales, boost valuation/appointment rates and be available to talk to prospects 24/7/365? At we provide a range of services that combine chat bots with 2d and 3D Avatars and Artificial Intelligence to come up with an even more engaging and effective approach to lead gen and much more.

just go to or call us direct on 01635 800074

Google My Business – if you have not claimed and set your Google My Business Listing, or not done it to fully maximise all the benefits it can provide your business you need to do so now. It is crucial to your business to claim your business on “Google My Business” and maximise your leads from it. provides access to a full training programme to maximise your Google My Business listing. Or, we can claim and maximise it for more leads and footfall and do it all for you.

Local Reputation Reports – discover how the world see’s you and your business right now. Simply claim your FREE and no obligation, detailed and comprehensive review of you and your business. And if anything needs putting right we can help you.

There are additional tools that we can apply through PropertyVideoTV which come from our sister digital marketing Agency called CybermarketingTools. We take a unique approach to help small and medium-sized and local businesses, inside and outside the property sphere, get more business.

What we learn from those experiences we help apply to your business through PropertyVideoTV.

From simple web site design, to social media marketing, reputation management and marketing, a Google Review collection system, Google Maps, online conferencing and presentation software, FaceBook Ads, Facebook Messaging, Chat Bots, Video Bots, Video Sales Letters, Google AdWords, SEO and more.  We have lots of ways to help you.

Mobile Marketing must be part of your marketing mix from SMS/Text messaging to appointment fixers to data cleansing – it has lots of uses. It is a fantastic way to get sales, communicate with and generate more leads with clients and prospects who are constantly on the go. Just go to the link below to our Mobile Marketing Platform. You can either create your own mobile responsive sites, reverse responsive sites and/or get text marketing really working for your business. Or, of course, we can do it all for you.

Offline Marketing still has a massive place in every businesses armoury and Lead Explosion is our OFFLINE marketing business, specialising in all things off line. Direct mail, postcard marketing and more can still get results if done the right way. And the right combination of off line and Online can create explosive results.

Home Finding As A Business. Providing Home Search services is a very flexible way to create extra income or a full time business. The site below is where our founder has created a total, “soup to nuts” training programme, based on over 7 years of running his own Home Search Business. It shows you how to get started and grow it to a part time or full time business. As an Estate Agency it is a very fruitful way of creating a new revenue stream and safeguarding your income.

General Resources

DIY Video – just click the link below to be taken to Animoto, a video creation tool that is really simple to use.  Here is the LINK.

Have you thought about YOUR Thinking? Ok, that’s a weird question right? But think about it. Understanding how you think and can massively change how you approach things and have a major +ve impact on you, and it can also have a massive effect on your whole business. Just go to our special project web site to discover more:

The Customers Sales Journey, in fact, any “journey” with your business – a phone call, an email, a customer support call, etc. should enhance, reinforce and improve their relationship with your business.

BUT, and it is a big but, that is not always the case. We have consulted on many businesses and helped them correct all the tiny little details that let their businesses down. We have a way to stop lost business with a proprietary process we call TouchPoint1. To discover more just go to the link below. If you think you are leeching customers or not getting the conversions you think you should, we can probably put that right.

SalesForce Profiles and Training. As a business in the property sector you will recruit or employ salespeople. So you know what a challenge it can be to get ones that actually perform as expected.

We know that is the case, based on our experience of having set up from scratch, or taken over, sales teams. To get maximum performers we have developed a unique way of enhancing sales performance results from the minute you start to recruit them. The lifeblood of any business is leads and sales and whilst we have lots of ways in helping you get leads the key is converting them. SalesForce Profiles and Training helps you boost your sales people’s results and if you are recruiting our process helps identify those that are best suited to sell what you offer in your company and in your marketplace. The results can be astounding. Go to the link below: