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Videos Sell Property

Are You Using It To Sell Yours and Promote Your Business?

Video Sells Property. And Video Marketing Helps Sell Your Business.

Whichever research source you look at, they all say the same thing:

“Online video is the fastest growing form of online advertising”

As an Estate Agency Business Owner, or Branch Manager, New Homes Sales Director, Developer, or Commercial Agent, you are always seeking an edge over your competition? Right!

Or you may simply be looking for ways to use modern technology to grow your business. Whilst brochures and web pictures to sell property still have a solid place in the marketing mix, video is the medium that helps position your business as the market leader.

The world has rapidly gone “all video” so do not get left behind…

All the items you normally use i.e. brochures, downloadable PDFs, pictures etc still have their place, but are being replaced by video.

And with Google and other sites having moved to newer models of Page Rank favouring video sites and mobile, if you do not adopt now, where will you be then?

Video and all the other new technologies like Chat Bots, animated Avatars and Artificial Intelligence [AI] not only makes web pages “stickier”, with site visitors staying longer, and more engaged, but you can also attract growing numbers of eyeballs from the likes of YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Viddlr, and more, on lap top and PC. And conversion improves too!

Video is no longer a “maybe”; it is NOW A MUST HAVE tool for you and your business

Tap into our network of Professional Property Presenters
From cartoons to avatars to real presenters we have a whole range of options for you.

At PropertyVideoTv we specialise in video marketing, social media, and reputation marketing for those in the property market and the built environment.

From simple captioned video to full-blown HD TV-quality production with presenters, and a whole range of production options in between, to review and testimonial gathering, to making sure all your channels work they way they should we provide a total solution

Video Places Your business And Your Properties in front of more of just the type of buyer who needs to see it

And that is what you want isn’t it?

Get in front of more potential users of your services and attract more sellers to sell and more buyers to buy for the services and properties you are selling. Get started today, just pick up the phone and call 01635 016002 now, or email instead. You will be glad you did!