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Videos, Avatars, Chat Bots and AI Is Modern Marketing On Steroids….

According to one major video platform it has been proven that property listings including video receive 403% more inquiries than those that don’t.
  • PLUS enjoyment of video ads increases purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 139%.
  • Avatars that page visitors can interact with can boost conversions by 3-19%
  • According to Forrester if you have a text-only index page in the search engines you are 50X LESS likely to rank when compared to a video page
  • Video is proven to get you more traffic, engagement, and search engine rankings too
  • and the list of research reports to support these assertions is miles high!
  • Did you know we sold a £1M home straight off a YouTube video!

From property tours to video promotions to video sales letters we have you covered.

Tap into our network of Professional Property Presenters

A scene from one of the property tours

PropertyVideoTV can help your estate agency, letting agency, commercial practice, new homes sales development, business transfer, or general trades or property business benefit from Video:

We create fantastically engaging property videos to showcase your business and the properties you become engaged with.

Other ways it can also be used:

Your Initial Sales Pitch: Online is now the way many potential buyers of your services or properties will find you. We help you create dynamic, powerful, engaging Video Sales Letters for use on your web site or in emails.

Business Exit Strategy: We can help you create and sell your business with an online video with a carefully crafted “elevator pitch”.  Once done it can be selling for you day in day out, 24/7/365. And if it needs updating that is easy to do too.

Your USP’s or Key Differentiators: We help you create a really strong USP and use video to showcase your approach to your business, and your clients and how those differences benefit your target customers.


Interview Picture

Having other people sell for you is a great way to get “social proof” that you are as you say you are. There are many different ways to create Testimonials and we help you get those from clients directly – on video. In-home video or straight off their mobile we have different ways to get testimonials and then use them to help market your brand.

Services: Use video to showcase your firm’s services: sales, lettings, commercial, surveys, property maintenance, refurbishment, landscaping, electrical, plumbing, development, new homes, planning, conveyancing, removals, investment, relocation, home search, roofing, office moves, mortgages, etc.

Establishing Market Authority: Used the right way video can help your business further establish – or reclaim – its market authority in your market place or sector. Use video as part of your “Strategy of Preeminence”,  something we can help you with.

Our Video can re-position, reinforce and grow your business in your prospect’s mind…

Inform and faqs:

Inform: Video is a great tool for making greater use of your and your staff’s time whether helping Buyers, Sellers, Renters, Landlords, First Time Buyers, and so on.

We can also provide Chat Bots, powered by AI [Artificial Intelligence] to help with that too.

FAQs: Why do them? Well, you probably answer the same types of questions for many people. Putting it down on video enables you to tighten up the pitch. Once done it can be distributed in different ways to access as many targeted people as possible. You can enhance its power with “offline” materials too.

We recommend you consider the mix of online and offline FAQ’s as they become sales on steroids! We also help you segment your database too to maximise every opportunity of a sale.

You & Your People:

Agency Staff Calling

You already know “people buy from people” so why not help potential users of your business get to know them by having videos created about them.

It helps buyers, sellers, and customers in your local or target market engage with your business and also qualifies them in and out of your sales funnel – all whilst you get on with running your business.

Such videos also help people self-select – which means, with less effort on your part, you get more of the type of customer YOU want. This means you spend more time with like-minded customers attracted to your business. This means a much smoother relationship and far fewer “headache” customers to deal with – just think how great that would be!

The Company Tour:

Talking head office shot re sized

As well as getting to know and relate to your staff through video why not create a Video Tour of Your Own Business? Showcase your office/s, branches/s, your systems, your training – your difference.

Entertain, Inform Educate: All three of these can happen through video. Creating entertaining, informing, and educational material; from information aimed at the first time buyer to a seasoned investor, puts your business on a different plane to your competitors.

Doing it with video means you get a solid, consistent, worked out message so everyone in touch with your business gets the same messages, the same consistency and feel about your business, what you do and how you do it. These can be seen as VSL’s [Video Sales Letters] and is something we can help you master.

You cannot always control the vagaries of the market, or what buyers do, but you can control the perception and esteem your business is held in…

We can help with your business’s reputation marketing and management.

Events. Markets. News: Videos on topical events, the market, and local or national news are all things you can create a relevant and topical video about. It is also a very good “streaming” medium and can be “fed” to blogs, news sources, and many other channels, to get your business noticed.

Area Videos. Social marketing through things like community video is one thing but why not go a stage further? For out of town buyers why not produce an area video to showcase your town, location and villages, and facilities? Doing so will help you attract buyers and draw them from other competing areas/parts of town. There are ways it can be used to attract new business as well as strengthen links with other local businesses.

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