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White Papers

Content and how you publish and use it, is crucial to any business in this day and age, especially yours.Whitepapers are “authority” papers. Papers that educate and inform. Papers that position your business as THE authority in your market and are a crucial part of the “Pre Eminence Strategy” you need to have working in your business. 

Case studies are “success stories” whilst Whitepapers are educational. They define a business, sales, technical or market problem and present a new way to solve it with a solution that you supply.

These are typically 5-10 pages in length and are proven to help buyers of services like yours make the right buying decision. A recent survey by a US media business found that 84% of businesses found white papers moderately or extremely influenced their buying decision.

White Papers can be used to persuade and influence buyers to learn about and buy from your business. Without at least ONE well written white paper your business is at a severe disadvantage compared to your competitors.

To succeed with White Papers you need someone who can:

  • Write informational materials – or booklets -that explain and educate. White Papers are sales documents but much more sophisticated to produce. The language is subtler and not hard selling. Yet they still need to sell.
  • Investigate and uncover the essential facts and truths of a problem and draft a powerful and compelling piece that stays on track and is easy to read
  • Interview and ask the right questions to drill down to the real essence of both the problem and the solution
  • Create papers which can rapidly boost how your business is perceived by your marketplace
  • Understand, empathise with and specialises in your market.

At PropertyVideoTV we help produce compelling visual and written content to help boost results in your business.  We strike just the right balance between educating and informing your market to promoting and selling to it.

We know how to tackle such projects effectively and can help with their subsequent promotion – on and offline. 

If you would like to discover just how effective White Papers can be in getting your business greater authority in your market just email: or call 01635 016002.